10 Innocent Hygienic Habits That Secretly Ruin Our Health

Most of us are usually sure that we do everything right. We use an air dryer to dry our hands, we soak dishes in the sink, and we can’t get through a day at work without at least one cup of coffee. But the truth is that dryers spread infections, a wet sink is more dangerous than a toilet seat, and a clean cup won’t save you from the germs in a coffee machine.

Here are 10 scientifically proven facts about the harm of some common habits: this information will help you protect your health.

10. Soaking dishes in a sink

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A sink is a perfect environment for bacteria: there you can find salmonella, colon bacillus or staphylococcus. In order to avoid a stomach and intestines disorder, it is necessary to wash the sink not only after washing dishes but also after it contacted food such as fish, raw meat, milk products, and vegetables. A pile of soaked dishes is an easy but an unsafe solution.

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