10 Photos With Heart-Touching Stories Behind Them

Sometimes really bad things can happen around us, ones that are difficult to cope with. The stories in this article will remind you that everything around us is actually made of kindness and that we humans are made to support each other and bond together when hard times come.

10. A woman shared the photos that show how Alzheimer’s disease changed her mom’s mind.

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© wuillermania / Reddit

A Reddit user with the nickname wuillermania posted a heartbreaking photo with different works that her mom has crocheted. The difference between the first accurate colorful square and the last piece of tangled wool is 2 years. That’s the amount of time Alzheimer’s disease took to destroy the woman’s mind.

This post instantly received a bunch of comments — the users supported the author’s family by sharing their own stories about how this scary disease affected their families.

“I just want to thank everyone for your kind words and messages that you sent to me. Also, I want to wish those who have encountered this situation strength and patience,” wrote the author of this post in the comments.

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