The shady side of Charlize Theron

Although she’s one of the most respected and decorated actresses in Hollywood, Charlize Theron’s career hasn’t been without its hiccups. She’s feuded with costars, witnessed the murder of a family member, and, seriously, what the heck happened between her and Sean Penn?

1. Her relationship with Sean Penn was bizarre

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Given Penn’s rather notorious history of rocky relationships, Theron raised a few eyebrows when she first shacked up with the two-time Oscar-winning actor at the end of 2013. Despite the odds, the couple moved forward, albeit at a fairly rapid place, sparking rumors as early as June 2014 that they were planning to wed and adopt a child from Africa.

That, of course, never happened. However, the engagement rumors continued through the end of the year, and reports alleged that Penn popped the question to Theron in Paris that November, albeit without a ring. If that wasn’t fast enough for you: by February 2015, Penn was referring to Theron as the love of his life; a few months later, she was saying the same thing about him.

Of course, all of that sounds well and fine, until one remembers that, about a month and a half after Theron’s public declaration of love, their relationship came to a screeching, alarming halt.

What went wrong? Well, this is when things get even weirder…

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